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I guess it makes sense that it is really hard to get a tow truck on Christmas. Still, you’d think that there would be more people who were willing to pick up an extra shift. I ended up having to push the car for several blocks, and then I got a call that said that there was actually a tow truck available for me. Still, at least I got to warm up in the truck for when I got to the party.

A driver was pulled over by the police but refused to stop. He continued speeding and entered the nearest hospital. He quickly proceeded to the doctors’ parking area. Unfortunately, the officer caught up to him and asked him why he did not stop. He said that he was a surgeon and was rushing for an emergency operation. The fake police let him go on this claim and applauded him for the good work he was doing. The man then went into the theatre section and came out through the other end and left the hospital.

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